Bulk SMS


What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a service that enables you to send SMS text messages from your computer, server, Web site and application to mobile phones worldwide. Compared with traditional forms of media, Bulk SMS is a communication tool that engages your business more effectively with customers, employees, candidates, patients and social media networking communities. You send Bulk SMS through a variety of readymade software or application interfaces to an SMS gateway, which will transmit them towards any operator in coverage. These include GSM, CDMA and fixed landline operators.

Types of Bulk SMS

There are a very large number of Bulk SMS types due to its sheer diversity of use. At a broad level, Bulk SMS types include promotions, reminders, alerts and notifications. At an industry sector level, Bulk SMS types can be further defined by the examples in the table below.

Solution for bulk SMS providers

ADVT WORLD offers a ready-made solution for automation services of SMS providers.

The solution is based on the ADVT industrial platform that is successfully implemented in more than 17 Cities all over the world and is notable for its flexibility, high productivity and reliability. Due to its distributed architecture the solution can be used both in small projects with extension perspective and in projects with considerable traffic (there are implementations with the traffic of about 1 million messages per day).

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