Email Marketing




Contact your customers using
one of the most direct and targeted ways
of communications worldwide,
the SMS message!

Email marketing is not spam, and if used effectively can be invaluable for small business owners. A well-executed email marketing campaign can attract new customers and create sales more quickly and cheaply than a traditional direct-marketing campaign. This article contains a complete list of email marketing tips, strategies, best practices and actionable suggestions for your email content that will improve your email response rates.

Like many marketing efforts, one of the most crucial elements of an email marketing campaign is a clear call to action. Before creating your campaign, decide exactly what action you want your subscribers to take as a result of reading your message. Whether it's signing up for another newsletter, downloading a file or purchasing a product or service, your campaign's message has to be simple and easy for the reader to follow. If the people reading your emails aren't sure where to click, what link to follow, or where to order, the campaign's results will likely be disappointing. Make sure that not only is the call to action clear, but that readers know exactly what to expect, or how they can benefit, once they take that action. This can be something like "Click here for a 20% discount on your purchase" or "Order Today to get Free Shipping".

• Template format for your email messages
•  Frequency with which you'll send your email messages
•  Day and Time you send your emails
•  Content of "From" & "Subject" lines
     Promotions/incentives offered
•  Email's greeting/salutation
•  Campaign themes
•  Retry pattern schemes up to 3 times, free of charge
•  NO hardware or software required
•  Detailed reporting

Every voice message to your customers counts!
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